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About Hallion Clothing

Hallion Clothing is a Belfast based, alternative T-Shirt store for those who like things on the geekier side of life. We are obsessed with film, TV, pop culture, science, music, gaming, internet culture, wrestling and comics. Our T-Shirts designs reflect this wide range of interests and we aim to offer an alternative to boring, run of the mill clothes.

We are very excited to also now offer a brand new range of customisable Stag and Hen Party T-Shirts.

Customer service is our number one priority and excellent relations with all of our lovely clients is what has got us to where we are today. There is nothing worse than a faceless, corporate online store so we are very engaged with our social media accounts and would love for you to follow and have a chat with us. We can also always be reached by email at

Hallion Clothing began many years ago when a teenage boy refused to accept his Art Teacher's unfair criticism of a 2nd Year screen-print project (it DID look like Tommy Lee Jones and he WOULD be seen dead wearing it.
That boy become a man, a man who was frustrated with the T-Shirts he saw in the high-street (and with a boring day job). So he decided to quit that boring day job and make the kind of T-Shirts that he and hallions all round the world would want to wear.