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Welcome to Jurassic Park

I was trying to think of a way to introduce myself and effectively explain what Hallion Clothing is all about and then I stumbled across this picture:

This is me at Christmas 1993 and everything I wanted to say is captured in this one photograph. The vintage Flintstones T-Shirt and a Super Nintendo running Mario Paint shows that my geek flag has been flying proud for over 20 years. 
  Note the Mario figurines in front of my wood panelled TV, they were from Christmas crackers that I insisted we got for dinner that year. I later made a whole Mario 3 inspired level out of selection box packaging and toilet roll tubes for Warp Pipes. I was very into Mario back then and this 'all in' attitude with my interests has never left me.
  These days I'm still obsessed with all things geeky but instead of making video game levels out of cardboard I have channelled my enthusiasm into printing T-Shirts.
  I have created Hallion Clothing for all the enthusiasts out there that covered their Dad's sheds in Flintstones stickers and got grounded that one summer. Those people who like to show their interests via the medium screen printed designs on their chests and who want an alternative T-Shirt destination that reflects their passions.
  There is something for everyone here and I really hope you take the time to look around and see what I have to offer. There will be new designs added every week and I am going to use this section of the site to keep everyone up to date with all things Hallion, as well as any other geek topics that tickle my fancy (which if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll know usually involves Tea or Lego).


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